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Bill M. Tracer Studio 3D and 2D Gallery of Images

This is my On-line gallery. All of these come from BillMTracer Studio.

While 3D is my passion, not all my computer art is of a 3D nature.

I also enjoy doing fractals, 2D abstract and kaleidoscope cross images. I've used 3 different fractal generators to create my fractal images; Vchira, Chaos Pro, and XenoDream. XenoDream is especially good for creating fractal based 3D models. Kai's Power Tools, and other filters have also come in very handy to help me create my abstract images.

The following images are in reduced resolution format, and are not intended for reprinting. You may download them for your computer viewing pleasure, but you may not reproduce, print or in any form distribute these images. It is a direct violation of copyright law for anyone other than the copyright holder, Bill M. Tracer, to reproduce any of these art works. The images on this page are copyrighted (C) 2000-2006 by Bill M. Tracer Studio.

The Fool from Akashic Tarot

70 Ophiuchi Outpost

Filiments Of Marrow {Click Image for Cafepress}

Tetragrammaton Perpetuity {Click Image for Cafepress}

Elemental Forrest King of Rods from the Akashic Tarot

Augmented Reality

Webby Curls {Click Image for Cafepress}

Finding Zuustanzz and Sudean
Marooned Fractal Feminine {Click Image for Cafepress}
Initial Briefing Caged Engel
Ace of Disks from the Akashic Tarot Leaving Tannar 5
Cognizant Energies {Click Image for Cafepress} Mandala of Peace on Earth {Click Image for Cafepress}
Audience with Dragon Lord Kirin {Click Image for Cafepress} The Chase Begins
Fluctuations of Emergence From Beyond {Click Image for Cafepress} Emblem of Xenocratic Order {Click Image for Cafepress}
The Chase Ends Frozen Keep {Click Image for Cafepress}
Echo Feather Father {Click Image for Cafepress} Fractal Foam {Click Image for Cafepress}
Tasting Thermals Quantum Vessel 08
Summoning Caught Between Realities
IMPORTANT NOTICE! These images are original artwork and the artist specifically retains all rights, and copyright. Redistribution or copying for any personal or corporate gain is strictly prohibited. These images may not be used in any additional manner without the express written authorization of the copyright holder, Bill M. Tracer.