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With my Art?

Newest developments: I have set up several Cafépress shops with a nice variety of product lines for several of my works of art. Over time I will be added more. Currently in my Gallery the images which have Cafépress product lines are set as links. Each of the active images are indicated in their caption with {Click Image for Cafepress}. By clicking the currently active images, you will be directed to the Cafépress shop which features that image. Cafépress has a great quality to their art gift products. Several different t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as greeting cards, postcards, ceramic tile coasters, and even beautiful porcelain ornaments, each with my art work applied to them. During the holiday season, many of these wonderful art products would make great gifts. And for that matter, any time of the year, they'd also make nice birthday or any other kind of occasion gifts, as well. Be sure to check out these Cafépress shops, and get your own original art gift items with art from Bill M. Tracer Studio. 

Great News!  I now have three 3D products for sale at Renderosity. Go to my links page, for the link to see Exotic Worlds Vol 1, and Abstract Appliqués Vol 1, and now Really Cranking Techno Mats. You'll be glad you did.   ;o)

Of the software I currently use to create my digital art work, XenoDream is the most recent addition to my arsenal of graphic tools. I find its rendering engine a fine tool for generating some stunningly beautiful pieces. The above image that adorns this page was generated with this exquisite bit of software. I call this one Eternity's Passageway, and did only a little post work to brighten up the center a bit. All in all, I find XenoDream a great pleasure to work with, and am quite pleased with the results I've gotten from it, thus far. I continue to experiment with it, and hope in time to have enough images generated with it to devote a whole gallery page just to my XenoDream works.

With my Career as a Science Fiction/Fantasy Artist?

I aspire to more than I now hold. Don't we all? My current aspiration centers around magazine cover art. I'm currently putting together appropriate portfolios to send to several major and some not so major science fiction and fantasy publications. This web site itself is actually an adjunct to my hard copy portfolios. Time will tell, if I get any bites. I'll keep you all posted here at the What's New page as things develop on this career front goal.