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Art from the Bill M. Tracer Studio

The Computer is my palette

As a 3D artist, I wanted a place to let my light shine, and display the 3D images I've created over the years. They have many stories to tell. Some of those stories are inevitably about the artist, but I've tried to make most of them about the majesty and splendor of the cosmos. I also thought I could share a few Bryce tips with other 3D enthusiasts out there, in a shared effort to improve my own skills and help you improve yours. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Inquiries? Send an e-mail

After several set backs, due to hardened living conditions, the last Reesclap Tanabie colony vessels left Tannar 5. This image depicts the last survivors of them, leaving from orbit. It's registry ID number and name; RT14: "Sklie Aleon-anie" meaning "The Final Hope". This is the newest version. I'm much happier with this version than I was with any previous form of this image.



Let The Dragons Soar

As this picture demonstrates, I like to take my subjects into places we might not commonly look. Did you know that dragons can see thermal pockets in the atmosphere? In this Bryce image we are given a rare glimpse through the eyes of a dragon. We see as he sees, the warmer region in the air. We can also observe in this image a curious behavior. Why would a dragon taste a thermal? Does it enhance or even arm his breath weapon? Does it taste good, or is it just a fun pass time? With the textures, the pose and lighting set just right, we can see a certain grace in this every-day yet mostly unseen dragon behavior.

Starving Artists
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