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About Bill M. Tracer Studio, and the 3D Art I produce there:

About Me

Since the day I could first hold a crayon in my little hand, I have drawn, one way or another. Though I personally don’t remember, the folks say it was when I was 2. Many years later, after getting a BA in Art Education, and teaching for one school year, I returned to college for a second degree in Computer Science. Since that time, my fascination with computer graphics could be seen as the bridge through which these two disparate parts of me come together. I started working with Metatools Bryce back in the days of version 2, the first version for the PC. Over the years my Bryce skills have grown with Metacreation’s Bryce 3D, then version 4, followed by Corel’s version 5, and most recently from DAZ, with Bryce 5.5 and now Bryce 6.0. I’ve dabbled in many 3D packages, but I always come back to Bryce, no matter who supports it. DAZ/Studio, and Poser 6.0 have both captured my attention of late. I've begun to render about as many images with those fine programs, as I have with Bryce.

I especially enjoy using my 3D graphic tools to create images of an astronomical, science fiction, and / or fantasy nature.

About Bryce

Like I said above, Bryce is my 3D program of choice. While Bryce may have a rendering engine slower than most, I've always consider the beauty of the end results, worth the wait. Bryce's popularity waned, while under Corel's care, but now in the hands of the folks at DAZ, I predict a much brighter future for Bryce. I stuck in there with Bryce, through it all. To some, it has a quirky interface, but that has never bothered me. In fact, it probably has more to do with why I like it so much, and find it to be an endlessly useful tool in the production of my computer graphic art. Now that DAZ has released version 6 of Bryce, I'm learning the new features, and looking forward to greater functionality in future versions. Renders are a bit faster, with the new version, and it seems to me the results are even more beauitiful than all previous versions.

About My 3D Art Dream

Ever since I first experimented with computer graphics, back in the early 1980s, I've never ceased to be fascinated by what can be achieved with the computer as the medium. Graphic technology has advanced a great deal since those days of early experimentation. Back then figures were boxy and completely unrealistic. Now, levels of realism have elevated to great heights. It will not be long before 3D figures will be indistinguishable from photos of actual people. I've seen the work of some 3D artists that come amazing close. I know I'm not there yet, but I do continue to push the envelope toward that elusive goal of fully realistic.

My E-mail Contact Info

If you like my work, then send me an e-mail. I'm pretty much always available for commission work.


IMPORTANT NOTICE! These images are original artwork and the artist specifically retains all rights, and copyright. Redistribution or copying for any personal or corporate gain is strictly prohibited. These images may not be used in any additional manner without the express written authorization of the copyright holder, Bill M. Tracer.